GoCaine is a trademark of Kharitago Games Inc.  The word Kharitago is a made-up word combining a Romanization of the Arabic word for map with the Japanese word for the strategic game of surrounding stones.  Kharitago Games Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada.  It is owned and operated by me, Richard Nguyen-Marshall. 

For many years I wanted to have a strategy board game based on the cocaine industry.  I also have always thought that having a multiplayer Go game would be fun.  Finally, I found a way to wed the two ideas and GoCaine is their baby!

Photo showing top of box with GoCaine name and multiple colors of Go stones on a grid.

GoCaine is to Go as a bar brawl is to...

In no way whatsoever do I view this as an improvement on the traditional game of Go (as it is known in Japan) or Weiqi (China) or Baduk (Korea).  Go is a perfect game as it is, but its traditional form is only for two players. 

The GoCaine board game is a way for several people to have a fun time together in the span of an evening, enjoying each other's company while plotting to destroy each other on the game board. 

GoCaine is to Go as what a bar brawl would be to a professional boxing match.  Knowing how to box will help, but with multiple people fighting, you can get hit over the head by something unanticipated.  Sometimes the best strategy is to find a corner to hide in and let other fighters pummel each other senseless before you join in.  Okay, so I'm a chicken!  😉

Hope you enjoy playing!  Cheers!

Richard Nguyen-Marshall

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