Multiplayer Go board game where 2-6 players compete to build the most lucrative cocaine distribution network.

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Ready to become el Jefe de Jefes, the Boss of Bosses, the Monarch of GoCaine?

The Stakes

While the war on drugs trudges along its futile course, the war for control of the drug trade continues at full throttle.  The stakes are high.  Forget about the frivolities of excessive wealth such as pet tigers and gold-plated AK-47s.  Drug lords at the very top of the food chain will eventually grow bored with such trappings. Those with the grandest ambitions have their sights set on something bigger: total domination of the drug trade, wielding power that can force political leaders to their knees, dictate terms of trade, and even see armies march to enforce one’s will.

The Setting

In GoCaine, players compete to establish control of cocaine supply centers in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, transit zones in the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico, and look to dominate the premium import markets throughout the US and Canada.

The Nature of The Game

GoCaine uses area control mechanics from the ancient game of surrounding stones known as Weiqi in China, Baduk in Korea, and Go in Japan.  In addition to area control, GoCaine is very much a game of logistical and economic efficiency.  In your quest for supremacy you will:

Deploy multipurpose security cells to gain control of territory.

Use your territories to buy, ship, or sell your product. 

Build smuggling pipeline infrastructure so you can move more product more quickly to more locations.

Buy political influence to help protect your shipments from interdiction operations and to utilize law enforcement to disrupt your opponents’ supply lines.

The Precarious Road to Victory

Whoever can move the most product the most efficiently and the most profitably will be victorious.  Alliances can be made and broken throughout the game, making for lively player interactions.  In the end there can be only one victor, so watch your back!

GoCaine board game unpacked with the colorful board unfolded and laid out with the cocaine shipments and security cells for each player positioned around the board, money, Task Force chips, and the detailed rule book on display.

GoCaine Board Game - Box Contents

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