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  • Supply Chain Management: Lessons From The GoCaine Game

    From Fukushima to Covid to the war in Ukraine, the last several years have provided plenty of example of how precarious our supply chains have become. For some managers, doing a better job managing supply chains will require a change in how they think strategically and how they assess risk.  Such managers can benefit greatly buy playing the board game, GoCaine.  In a competition to set up the most lucrative cocaine trafficking network, you cannot play a game of GoCaine and fail to learn lessons about supply source diversification and routing flexibility.  It forces players to go through the mental exercise of finding the right balance between operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

  • How To Play Go - Part 3- A Two-Player Go Fight Over Cocaine Supply Centers

    Here's the third part of my "How To Play Go" series to get you ready to play GoCaine. If you are already familiar with traditional Go, you can skip toward the end of this article to see how our Kiss The Ring rule is applied.  If you are not yet familiar with Go at all, you should first read Part 1.
  • Press Release: GoCaine Now Available in UK & Mexico

    TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 2, 2022 / -- GoCaine, the multiplayer Go strategy board game in which 2-6 players compete to build the most lucrative product distribution network, is now available in the UK and Mexico...

  • How To Play Go - Part 2- Multiplayer Go

    GoCaine is a multiplayer Go board game.  To play GoCaine you'll need to know the basic rules of traditional Go, and then you just need to learn a few extra concepts that arise when you play Go against multiple opponents.  GoCaine is for 2-6 players, so you could have up to five opponents surrounding you at one time.  Like in the real-life cocaine industry, things can get dangerous very quickly as you try to expand your network.  So, in order to survive and thrive, you must learn these basic concepts of multiplayer Go.
  • How To Play Go - Part 1- Basics of Go from GoCaine Board Game Inventor

    Learn the essential rules of Go from the inventor of GoCaine, the multiplayer Go strategy board game. Learn how to capture your opponent’s stones and how to defend your own.