Appendix 4. Players Covenant

By signing my name below, I agree to the following terms:

1.  I understand that while alliances can be made, GoCaine is by no means a cooperative game. It is a competition between individual players. 

2.  I understand that this game often entails backstabbing an ally/opponent at some point in the game.

3a.  I promise that I will not be a crybaby of any sort and will do my best to avoid any displays of poor sportsmanship.  If a brutal backstab by an opponent effectively puts me out of the game and ends my chances of winning, I can take my anger out on my opponents by going on a revenge rampage within the game parameters, but I will not sulk, cry, or whine about it. 

3b.  Nor will I sulk, cry, or whine if multiple players gang up on me.  If it stops me from winning, I will study what has transpired and focus my energy on finding a way to better manipulate my competitors in the next game.

4a.  I will not let grudges and hurt feelings spoil any of my friendships. 

4b.  Any grudges that I have shall be put in a box in the back of my head and left there until the next gaming session.  That is when I shall have my revenge and make them pay for their treachery!

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Players’ Signatures

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